The Ultimate Team Building Activities List in Singapore

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Team building activities can range from quick in-office activities to complex half-day courses run by "game engineers" for companies in Singapore. It is important that employees have time and space to bond through exciting team building activities with team members. It is in our best interests to learn how to bridge the gap between the team and other departments within the organization in general. To this end, we have compiled a list of more than 20 teams-building tasks and games that would work well on smaller teams and big groups. The time and effort should be spent in bonding with your team, your boss and your colleagues.

In-Office Team Building Activities

Team building activities are subdivided into 2 categories - indoors and outdoor. The aim is to improve communication, relationships, trust and collaboration skills. Let's look at some indoor team building activities that you can use for your next team meeting.

Back of the napkin

The "back of a napkin" is where many great product ideas are coming to life. The simple team building activity is replicas of this tiny canvas. It gives participants something enjoyable to experience while encouraging team cooperation and questioning in a playful way. Give each player a sheet of paper and pen to draw a solution for the problem in an equation or graph. Evaluate each solution and decide what solution is best for you. Offer free giveaways to winners if your best answer gets won. And offer participants opportunities for winning prizes if you solve the problem with the best answer. The game is designed to promote unconventional thinking and to promote teamwork and unconventional thinking in the workplace.

Office trivia

Office people gathering

It is best to answer "reports" about the job in such situations. The gameplay does not require much training or preparation. It is available indoor as well as outdoors with small- or large-teams offering flexible teaming options. A game like this points out what is common among everyone in a room and also builds team bonds. The participant which received the most correct answers wins. Sharing of information promotes group ties and increases the potential of new relationships. The positive side of the memory can shift a person's perspective, boost esteem or allow them to see things better from the eyes of their colleagues. Silver Lining Game is also a great way for teams to bond with one another.

Virtual Murder Mystery

Virtual Murder Mystery was designed for both physical, hybrid and virtual workplaces. Many skills such as problem-solving, teamwork, collaboration and critical thoughts skills is developed. Turnkey events like this include everything planned and so you'll still benefit from a helpful host and fun added. You can be sure all will go according to plan not just smoothly but everyone will have a good time.

Campfire stories

Each team gathers in a circle to share their workplace experiences. While on their way they learn more about one another as well as relive old memories. Storytelling remains at the heart of broader community experiences. A storytelling session focusing on work related stories will help a larger group loosen up. This can also act as a training session with informal working experiences that pass from one participant to another. Strategy: Informal training promote participants' ability to share and establish common experience.


Out-of-office Team Building Activities

Team building activities Singapore is an excellent way for you and your team to bond. These fun team building activities create better camaraderie across the organization and ultimately form a better corporate culture. With this list of unique and fun team building games in Singapore, you can compare the activities to find what best suits your company's next corporate team building event. The activities were created specifically to encourage participants to solve puzzles at home without any limitations especially in the recent pandemic. Also, virtual Games allows you to accommodate groups up to 400 people depending on size. Here are some activities to try out.

Hybrid Amazing Race

Amazing race


Hybrid Amazing Race is a team building sport for large groups that want to bond physically while following social distancing guidelines. Play a selection of fun and hilarious party games together via video conferencing and get a real laugh! The winner gets a prize from the virtual party! Price: From $20/pax including prizes delivered to the winning man’s doorstep. This activity is a good team building game in Singapore that you should consider. The Fun Empire provides you an entire guide experience by experienced facilitators. To make the contest even more spectacular the winner will also get an entry. Let the fun start!



Virtual SaberFit®



Saberfit is the world first group fitness workout that creates an all-body toning experience you love. - Almost anywhere online you can enjoy it even from home! This programme combines elements from High intensity interval training (HIIT) and saber technique to reach a complete bodyweight-burning workout. It's an amazing team workout for yourself and your colleagues! Encourage one another in the process while sweating. Join the stay active at home with SaberFit Challenge and win prizes. You can also join your colleagues and see who completed this task successfully. In addition, a private one off team building activity for you and your party is also possible!



Virtual Food Quest

Food quest

Singapore's most exclusive VR culinary quest. You will find many opportunities to challenge each other in food-related challenges based on a specific cuisine you have. Is time travel even considered to be a part of real life experience? Transcend time on your team and solve puzzles of different eras and time zones. Another enjoyable activity at home is relaxing and soothing painting. transformed the extremely popular and awarded workshop to a digital platform. There is free delivery within one day of the registration deadline. All materials used for this workshop are provided by the certified Trainers. All necessary supplies and brushes are also provided.



Laser Tag

Laser tag


This game is suitable for young and older participants and can be performed outdoors or in indoor venues. There is a list of multiple missions besides Capture of the Flag, Mission Impossible and Domination as your option in any mission. The various game missions will encourage an increased camaraderie and allow deeper connection among all teams. It's also great to celebrate birthdays, bachelor days and other special occasions.



Archery Tag

Archery tag


Archery Tag is an archery game combining dodgeball and archery. The teams play in fast-paced games which eliminate the players by aiming at opposition and shooting at each other. The entire game is safe and foam-tipped arrows were used as much as facemasks added to enhance safety. The various missions such as The Revival and The Last King are perfect for team building games requiring strong teamwork communication and resourcefulness. Pricing: from $15 / pax bookings available now.



Leather Making Workshop

Leather making workshop

Professional facilitation will also be offered throughout this session. As part of team building activities, learn some theory about a range of leather maintenance techniques. You will also know how to manufacture your own leather products. You'll be able to draw two masterpieces of your own such as key fob and cash pouch. Pricing: Cost at $40 per x and free delivery for members included. Get to create your own creation in your own home.



Virtual travel experience

Travel experience

The virtual travel experience combines Treasure Hunt, a virtual exciting race and a virtual escape. Participants will work individually with experts across Singapore to solve fun and interactive games while learning more information about the country in interactive virtual surroundings. This is good for team building preparation when we can't decide our favorite game in Singapore!



Virtual Nightfall

Night fall

Adapted from the popular Murderer game, this is a fun way to test the wits of you and your team. All briefings and training are provided so that you can relax and spend time with your team. Learn each other's strength or weakness in this mind game which can be ideal for a team building event. Price: From $30/pax including prizes for winning delivered to his doorstep. Reserve your virtual nightmares on this site.



Ninja Tag

Ninja tag


Ninja Tag is a ninja style team building game which can be played with your colleagues and team members. The team member holds one foam Ninja Dagger and one scoring vest. Different missions are available so that you and your team enjoy some interesting game modes. Pricing: From $15/pax.



Bubble Soccer

Bubble Soccer


Bump with your friends or family in a peaceful manner while having fun at the same time. Strategize and work with other members of our team to be successful! Get out of stress while reaping the benefits of effective cohesion and team building exercises. Price: As low as $15/book Your Date Here. You can also benefit from team strengthening exercises.



Pottery Workshops

Terra Ember


There are many benefits when you are immersed in the art of pottery. It is widely known that pottery can help in relaxing your body and mind especially after a stressful day in the office. One of the most fun team building activities is to help your team members sign up for a therapeutic pottery workshop. This helps in encouraging sociability as pottery classes are usually a casual ambience that helps to reduce people who are socially anxious.

Terra & Ember also provides a palette of off-site on-site pottery experiences at corporate spaces and event sites such as pottery painting, mini pottery and wheel throwing experiences.


Address: 475 Geylang Road Singapore 389434


Virtual Candle Making Workshop

Candle making

Design your own candle and it has even a figurine to enhance its appearance. All required supplies will be included in the candle making home kits. During the Virtual Session, a certified facilitator will accompany you through the process. Use this opportunity to bond with your colleagues in a relaxed and stress-free atmosphere. Price: $30/pax, Free shipping on all participants included.






Poolball can be incorporated during company event development for a high intensity team building activity which requires high communication skills. The game can fit as many as six small and big groups. This game is also designed for participating kids of different genders. Play a variety of games such as Poolball Classic and Poolball Sabotage on the world's largest pool field. Price: From $15/pax Book your pool ball session here.



Team building activities for work: social distancing

Hybrid team activities preferably outdoors or virtual provide a physical focus and provide a lot of laughs. Make sure all meetings are clear with a minimum instruction and communication needed. Keep it simple and keep the two together if possible.

Nerf Battle

Nerf Battle

Play the Nerf Gun Battle as you'd play classic tag. Instead of hitting members of the other team with your hands, you can hit them with a handy Nerf gun which allows you to keep at least 2 meters distance between you and your competitors. The exercise might not seem like the most traditionally designed team building exercise, but some believe that celebrating accomplishments wherever makes our employees the most happy. For nearly 30 minutes, the entire office can turn into one combat battlefield where strategy, collaboration, and off-the-box thinking can mean the difference between life and (virtual) death.

Silent Disco

The team must freeze when the music suddenly stops running. Take photos with your camera during pause. These tools are needed to develop confidence, trust and communication empathy for others. Laughter, exercise, and shared vulnerability elicit powerful emotional bonding. We love it: Laughter and physical activity are a great way of bonding with your team. Use this task to assist the students in learning skills in the workplace including empathy, trust empathy and listening skills.


Activities that focus on pure team bonding and communication skills

Any team building project should have a focus on improving work chemistry and building up a team. These exercises will build trust and communication among employees.

Blind Retriever

The Blind Retriever's aim is guiding blindfolded people toward the correct place or a hidden object. What should employees think about working one-on-one under pressure? To play, put your team in small groups and blindfold one player on each team. The first company with the right to guide their blindfolded colleague to.

Group Timeline

Have different departments sort themselves according to height, age and how long someone has been in company. The team fastest in the process wins. In fact he found if he was on an individual timeline this was another great way to test sorting skills and he had some ideas. But if the companies know the ability of people, if a company knows if people really understand you.

Cultural celebration parties

If you are a team of different people, you can organize annual cultural celebrations in which employees share their culture with other colleagues. You can even ask an employee to wear cultural robes and bring special foods/snacks. Giphys, CEO of Global Initiatives Inc.

Circle of Appreciation

Have your employees sit in circles to explain something to those who are looking left. When the circle is over, let all of the people say something because they need it but won't let the person in their direction know it's over.


Team building activities that focus on problem solving

Building teams involves training your staff to think creatively about different issues.

Business simulations

A business simulation is a simulation of a real-life business/work related question. This fun game allows the entire group to buckle-together and work as a team. Since there are no risk involved, your employees will be free to think outside the box or find new creative solutions. A real life situational training program helps employees become aware of upcoming world challenges.

Board games

Board games are great for developing resource control and logic skills. Monopoly and Pandemic are the hot games currently. It's not very expensive and you can do it almost any time. They're great for playing resource management, reasoning, and other mental muscles.

Egg Toss

This activity is used to develop problem solving teamwork and confidence. Simplicity is at its best-looking feature. The purpose is simple. To the contrary you can often find nuances in the whole way the pairs achieve their objectives. Film this event for everybody to watch teamwork playing in real-time and discuss critical learning points they possibly missed in the heat of the moment. Next step for a start: learn the rules on egg toss and regulation of the egg throwing. The eggs toss has a time limit and the goal has to be the preservation of your eggs.

Why do you do team building activities?

Team building activities help to develop relationships among team members and build trust between them. When your team bonds, there are many benefits for the organization. Team members can work together at exciting and demanding activities and will present the skills and talents they have. By building employee bonding it could remove barriers between employees and create an environment that is nice to work in which is crucial to a successful and well functional business. It is possible to work closely together with all your partners to form a bonded and trustworthy team. It can help build up a relationship with your employees.

Improved communication skills

These team building activities help people relax and encourage them to use their communication skills to complete tasks. Communication among people and departments is crucial for the success of a firm.

Improved Productivity

Higher communication skills are having a major effect on productivity. What can be the benefits for companies when employees are working together and communicate better?

Identifies leaders

Another benefit of the team building exercises is the finding of leading colleagues in the workforce. Managers also can find leaders from the work force.


How do I plan a team building event?

Choose a good time.

The best time for a team-building event depends on the schedule and the personal lives of those you plan to invite. Verify the guests are free before you sign. You are also supposed to take weather and seasonal factors into care during selecting a venue - especially if outdoors activities are planned for.

Select the right activities.

After establishing and identifying the team building goals and objectives, you should know what activities will work with these goals in some way. Selecting activities and tasks are beneficial because they are interactive, fun and promote collaboration between staff.

Set up a planning team.

As you start planning, you will discover how complicated it can be for one person to organise a team building event. There are so many tasks that require preparation - the best thing to take care of these tasks is to delegate responsibility.

Define your goals.

You must identify your focus areas during team building activities that you want to strengthen. Only after selecting the activities' objectives can you choose activities or challenges that would best match the occasion.

Set a budget.

The budget has to be set after you choose your priorities. With a realistic budget you can ensure the event has no problem being expensive.


Final thoughts

It is essential for company members to be bonded with others and feel like a part of the family. One of the most effective ways to achieve this culture is to have regular and fun team building activities to nurture those relationships. Everyone has their own personality and it can get difficult trying to fit in. That is why team building will definitely help to smoothen this process.

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The Ultimate Team Building Activities List in Singapore