Top 5 Health Benefits Of Pottery

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Pottery art is often defined as relaxing and therapeutic. Spinning the soft clay on the wheel and transforming it into a perfect depiction of your imagination is nothing but magic. However, the art of pottery also has several other health benefits. Here are the top five health benefits of Pottery

The art of pottery has been around for ages. It is used by many artists to channel their creativity and relax their minds. Pottery can relax and sync the energies of your mind and body. If you have ever stopped at a pottery video on your social media feed and instantly felt mesmerised by the way clay can take shape in your hands then you will understand how therapeutic pottery can be. Here are the top five benefits of pottery for your mind and body  

  1. It Provides You with a Creative Outlet

Artists believe in expressing themselves by creating something; this form of expression is healthy for both your mind and body. Pottery is a very prestigious art form that allows you to be expressive through your talent. Pottery helps you feel light and free by giving you a creative outlet. It doesn’t have any limitations and gives you the freedom to express your ideas, thoughts, and creativity in whatever way you want. You can make utensils, vases, sculptures, and whatnot to encourage your creativity

  1. It improves your focus

Another benefit of pottery is that it improves your focus. When you are making pottery, your mind cannot be influenced by the outside world and its worries. It helps you direct your focus toward your creation. We are often burdened by innumerous weights of our daily lives. These worries can pull us down and diminish our focus. Pottery is proven to be a very effective way to improve your focus. It doesn’t only relax your mind but it absorbs your thoughts into creating something beautiful out of nothing. In addition to relaxing your mind, it also reduces your anxiety by syncing your mind with the soft flow of a pottery wheel.

  1. It Allows You to Explore and Experiment

There is no right or wrong way in pottery. You can freely express your creativity without worrying about the rules because there are none in pottery. Pottery helps you expand who you are and how you are connected to the rest of the world. Simply put, pottery is a great way for people of all ages to experiment with their creativity. The best thing about pottery is that it allows you to explore your talents and your skills. This is a very healthy way for people to discover themselves and find things that they like to do. The possibilities are endless when it comes to pottery, you can use your emotions, feelings, and memories to create pretty much whatever you want. Pottery doesn’t restrict you in any way. Just mount your clay on the wheel and explore what you can make as the clay rolls in your fingers.

  1. Hand, Wrist, and Arm Exercise

While the movements involved in pottery are pretty subtle and light, they can still strengthen your arms, wrist, and hands. Pottery can be particularly beneficial for someone who has arthritis in their hands since the subtle wrist action helps with blood regulation and exercises your hand. Pottery also promotes joint movements and dexterity; this is the reason why it can help you improve your grip and overall arm strength. Hence, pottery in addition to relaxing your mind can also improve your physical health.

  1. It Helps You Capture Memories

Many archeologists have dug ancient remains and artefacts from civilizations that have long passed.  Out of them, the most well-preserved and intact artefacts found were the creation of pottery. The art of pottery making is very old and dates back centuries. It can survive through decades and make your art timeless. This means that your creation of pottery has the potential to last forever. Whether you want future generations to find it or adorned it in a museum as a timeless piece of art, pottery is a great way to capture memories and your beliefs in a piece of clay.

And even if you don't want to preserve it, just seeing it sitting in your home foyer will remind you of your creation and achievement. Along with capturing memories, the pottery also allows you to feed into your creativity by letting your emotion control the rhythm of your hands.

To summarise, pottery is an amazing art form. It requires both delicacy and strength at the same time. In addition to providing a therapeutic outlet, it is also extremely beneficial for your overall health. Be it mentally or physically, pottery can improve the way you think and see yourself around people. It makes you calmer and more perceptive of the changes around you. Pottery also teaches you to flow with spontaneity.

Top 5 Health Benefits Of Pottery