Amalgamate Tumbler

by Terra & Ember


A Terra & Ember Design

A specially curated collection of marbled tumblers from our "Amalgamate Series" that we handcrafted from scratch. From the blending process of mixing the colour stains to wedging them meticulously into the clay bodies and finally, to throwing the coloured clay together on the potter's wheel. One of our favourite collections to date, these tumblers are not only pleasing to the eye but also, functional pieces with its wide and cylindrical shape.

Available in 4 marbled styles

A: 8.7 cm height X 7.5 cm width (9.5 oz)

B and C: 7.2 cm height X 7.5 cm width (9 oz)

D: 8.3 cm height X 8.4 cm width (11 oz)

E: 8cm height X 9cm width (17oz)

Please note that all our pieces are handcrafted and no two pieces are ever alike. There will be slight differences between each piece in regards to dimension, volume, design and colour. Every ceramic piece would have gone through various stages of drying and firing to get to its finished state and tiny imperfections do appear post-processing. We believe this adds to the exceptional value of handcrafted wares.