5-Weeks Wheel Throwing Course I

Terra & Ember's 5-weeks introductory wheel throwing course will introduce the breadth of wheel throwing techniques to transform balls of clay into various vessels such as cylinders, bowls, vases and planters. This course is suited and ideal for beginners with no prior experience in pottery, looking to dip their toes in the water of the pottery world.
The course content will be appropriately paced with the first three weeks centered around clay preparation, foundation of wheel throwing, simple vessel shapes and how to handle greenwares. The fourth week introduces trimming techniques and footing formation while the last week will be focused on glazing applications and techniques to turn pots into functional wares. A culmination of your efforts over the course of 5 weeks.

In order for us to give our undivided attention and guidance to our students, this course will only take in a maximum of 6 students per batch. Sign-ups are on a first-come-first-serve basis. Please ensure you will be able to attend all 5 pre-scheduled classes before signing up as there would not be any make-up classes due to our tight schedule.



Course Price & Package Content

$380 nett

5 X 3 Hours of weekly classes
Unlimited clay
Access to all studio equipments and tools
Access to all studio's commercial & in-house glazes
(>60 glazes)
5 X Complimentary pots glazed and fired to take home
Studio refreshments


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Studio's Terms & Conditions

- No refunds or exchanges once course has been purchased. Only student-swapping is allowed.
- Studio reserves the right to terminate any students' enrollment, forfeiting full course fee, at any given time should student be found flouting studio rules or etiquette.
- Students are not allowed to bring family members or friends along to classes without a valid reason and permission from studio staff.
- By enrolling in the course, students acknowledges the risks and hazards of a working and active pottery studio and will not hold the studio responsible for any loss of personal belongings, illnesses or injuries that may arise during their time at the studio.
- All glazed and fired pots to take home will only be available for collection or delivery 4 weeks from the last day of course.
- All students will acknowledge that no guarantee is offered, explicit or implied regarding the quality or serviceability of their fired works. All precautions will be taken to ensure the best possible outcome for every firing. The studio and its staff will not be held responsible for any damaged or defective work during any stage of the process, including delivery (if chosen) by a third-party vendor.