TE Loft Open Studio Membership


8 Weeks Unlimited Open Studio Hours ($320)

Package Includes:

- Usage of Pottery Wheel

- 1 Pottery 8 pcs tool set and 1 tool box (new applicants only)

- Studio equipments (Table, towels, banding wheel, rollers, wooden boards, stamps, portable atomizer)

- Unlimited usage of studio recycled clay

- Unlimited bisque-firing

- Unlimited usage of in-house studio glazes

- Beverages from studio fridge (Not available for now due to Covid-19 situation)

Open Studio Hours Availability:

Every Wednesday & Friday, 11am to 9.30pm

Every Saturday & Sunday, 10am to 6pm

(applicable on public holidays)

Studio may, at its own discretion, close on certain days for private events.

*Subjected to pottery wheel availability. Reservation required.


Do contact us if you would like to purchase this unlimited open studio hours membership.

In line with the May 16th new Covid measures, we seek your kind cooperation in our studio's usage:

1. To keep masks on at all times during the stay in the studio and no drinking is allowed as it will require one to remove mask.
2. Complimentary drinks from the fridge will be suspended temporarily until further notice.
3. Clay and tools (ie towels) to be prepared beforehand at the start of session.
4. Bring an extra bucket to deposit recycled clay. (No leaving of clay on plasterboard or going to the washing area to deposit recycled clay)
5. At the end of session, bring buckets to washing area and bring a bucket of fresh water to clean wheel. No bringing of splash pans to the washing area.
6. Kindly keep to hours booked and leave on time. ie. to start cleaning 10-15 mins prior to end of session. 
7. Studio users to only use their own tool set that was given to them at the start of the membership. (Studio's communal tools will be kept away)

Thank you for bearing with us and your continued support in these difficult times. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further concerns.