TE Loft Open Studio Reservation (with Membership)


Open Studio Hours Availability
Every Wednesday & Friday, 11am to 9.30pm
Every Saturday & Sunday, 10am to 6pm
Applicable on public holidays as well


*Before making a reservation, please kindly read through the following

Studio Policies:

- Your reservation is only confirmed upon receiving a confirmation email from us. Only reservations with at least 4 days of advance notice will be entertained.
- Time slot hogging is not allowed and reservation slots must be strictly adhered to. Reservation will be voided if member fails to arrive within 45 mins. This is to ensure fairness to all other studio users. Repeat offenders will have their open studio membership revoked.
- The studio reserves the right to cancel or postpone your booked studio hours in the event of unforeseen circumstances beyond the studio's reasonable control.
- You are not allowed to bring their friends/family/pets along with you into the studio without the express permission of our team. Only paying members are allowed into the studio and to utilize our equipment, facilities, tools and materials.
- You are to ensure that your finished pieces are up to studio standard before firing your pieces in the kiln. You may be subjected to cover the cost of any damages your works may inflict onto the kiln, kiln shelves or other studio equipment due to improperly prepped and glazed pieces. The studio reserves the right to cancel your studio package should the team feel your pieces are consistently incorrect and poses a hazardous risk to our kiln's and studio's safety.
- All members are to ensure that all equipment, tools and facilities are used in the correct manner so as to prevent unnecessary wear and tear and to not use excessive force when using them. In the event you are found to be abusing the studio's equipment or operating them inaccurately, you will be subjected to cover the cost of damages or replacement and your package with us cancelled.
- All members are to practice conscious usage of our precious resources such as water, electricity, studio clay and studio glazes and to only use what you need to complete your task. In the event you are found to be using our resources carelessly, your package with us will be cancelled and we may ask for monetary compensation for the unnecessary wastage.
- Spilled glaze tubs will be charged to whoever was using it or spilled it carelessly. Charges will vary according to how much volume was spilled.
- Due to space/trays constraints, all unattended/unfinished works left in the studio after expiration of membership will be discarded.
- All members to note that the studio and its team will not be held responsible for any damages or loss incurred to your ceramic pieces during the firing or any stage of your time in the studio. All works-in-progress are left in the studio by your discretion and it is your sole responsibility to ensure your pieces are kept properly and safely.
- All members to note that the studio and its team will not be held responsible for any loss of personal belongings or injuries sustained during your time in the studio.
- You are to ensure that all used equipment, tools and facilities are properly cleaned up and returned to their original storage locations before departing from studio.
- Fired pieces will take 4 weeks before they are ready for collection. All unclaimed/uncollected works will be discarded after 4 weeks of no-show from date of notification.


In line with the May 16th new Covid measures, we seek your kind cooperation in our studio's usage:

1. To keep masks on at all times during the stay in the studio and no drinking is allowed as it will require one to remove mask.
2. Complimentary drinks from the fridge will be suspended temporarily until further notice.
3. Clay and tools (ie towels) to be prepared beforehand at the start of session.
4. Bring an extra bucket to deposit recycled clay. (No leaving of clay on plasterboard or going to the washing area to deposit recycled clay)
5. At the end of session, bring buckets to washing area and bring a bucket of fresh water to clean wheel. No bringing of splash pans to the washing area.
6. Kindly keep to hours booked and leave on time. ie. to start cleaning 10-15 mins prior to end of session. 

Please take a moment to fill up the reservation form below for a pottery wheel or craft space in our studio. All reservations will be vetted through and your booking is only secured upon receiving a confirmation email from us. Do give us at least 3 working days to get back to you. In the meantime, please ensure that you have read and understood our studio policies. Thank you for your patience and understanding.