5-weeks Wheel Throwing Course I

by Terra & Ember


Terra & Ember's 5-weeks introductory wheel throwing course will introduce the breadth of wheel throwing techniques to transform balls of clay into various vessels such as cylinders, bowls, vases and planters. This course is suited and ideal for beginners with no prior experience in pottery, looking to dip their toes in the water of the pottery world.

The course content will be appropriately paced with the first three weeks centered around clay preparation, foundation of wheel throwing, simple vessel shapes and how to handle greenwares. The fourth week introduces trimming techniques and footing formation while the last week will be focused on glazing applications and techniques to turn pots into functional wares. A culmination of your efforts over the course of 5 weeks.

A simple and enjoyable 5-weeks learning journey catered to beginners and pottery-enthusiasts. Head over here to check out what is included in the full package!


We will only be able to take in 6 students per batch in order to provide optimum guidance.