Ceramic Glaze Making for Beginners (Coming Soon)

by Terra & Ember


The one-day workshop is developed for absolute beginners and is a hands-on approach to mixing glazes. With the wide variety of sources available online, we will cover the basic necessities for anyone to begin their glaze development journey. Below are the

  • How to interpret a glaze recipe
  • Tools needed for the making your own glaze
  • Measuring the materials
  • Mixing up the glaze
  • Methods of Glaze Application
  • Safety issues

By the end of the workshop, you will be equipped with the basics and proper methodology to start mixing your own glazes. 

What will be provided during the workshop:

Raw materials will be provided to make a small batch of glaze of 200ml.

A small pot will be provided to be glazed by you (spraying or brush-on) and fired at the end of the workshop. (Collection in 3-4 weeks)