Handbuild With Us

by Terra & Ember


Ever wondered what the practice of pottery was like before the great invention of the pottery wheel? Before the pottery wheel, ceramic artists created vessels using just their hands and simple tools, known as handbuilding. Though the wheel paved the way for more advanced shapes, many still turn to this rudimentary practice to create distinct forms not achievable on the wheel.

In this experience, you will be introduced to the materiality of clay and traditional hand building techniques to create decorative forms or functional vessels. Two of handbuilding's mainstay techniques, pinching and coiling, will be demonstrated by our instructor at the start of the session. Following this, you will proceed to build and shape your own piece using either one of the techniques or a combination of the two with the aid of simple pottery tools provided. Possible wares that can be created are cups, mugs, bowls, dishes, table-top vases and sculptures, your choices are endless. After the molding stage, you will be encouraged to freely decorate your piece with additional clay features, such as handles/animal faces/flora&fauna, or with our studio’s decorative stamps. For the final segment of the experience, you will be given the option to paint your piece with underglaze paint as a finishing touch.

Post-workshop, all handbuilt pieces will have a layer of transparent gloss glaze applied to it by our studio staff, which will render the pieces safe for food consumption.

Finished pots will only be ready for self-collection after 8 weeks from date of workshop. Delivery/shipping of finished pots are NOT included in the workshop price.

Workshop Details:

Minimum age to participate is 8 years of age. (Parent & child are to sign up for their own spots, no sharing of spots allowed)

Approximately 2 hours.

All necessary clay, tools, decorative materials, firing are included.

1 complimentary transparent glaze-fired piece is included.

Aprons will be provided to minimize clay splatters, however, do wear clothes that you are comfortable getting a bit dirty in.

Please ensure your nails are short as long nails may hinder your movements and cut into your clay pieces.

Workshop will be held in a comfortable, air-conditioned studio.

*Do take note that if you are more than 5 minutes late for the class, you will miss the demonstration provided by the instructor at the start. The demonstration will not be repeated again for late-comers.

Workshop Optional Add-Ons:

Additional pots are $8 per piece.

Application of coloured glazes are $10 per piece.

Workshop Cancellation Policies:

It is the studio's discretion to postpone or cancel workshops should unforeseen events or circumstances occur beyond their control. Workshops with only 1 pax booked will be cancelled and participant will be given the choice to select a new workshop date or get a full refund. Refunds do not apply to bookings made using gift cards/vouchers.

Only rescheduling/cancellation requests received at least 2 weeks or more before the workshop date will be entertained. Refund for cancellation requests will not include 3rd party commission fees.

Rescheduling requests received less than 2 weeks before the workshop date will be considered on a case-by-case basis. If a rescheduling request is approved, a $10 administrative fee will be imposed by the studio.

Cancellation requests received less than 2 weeks before the workshop date will not be entertained at all, regardless of circumstances.

No-shows for booked classes are considered as attended and booking cannot be refunded/rescheduled/postponed.

Participants are encouraged to practice conscientious booking with the above policies in mind. Oblivious disregard for our policies will not be tolerated or entertained.


Please head over to our full studio policies and ensure all policies are read. By registering for our workshop, you agreed to have understood and will uphold all policies.