The Mini Potters Kit

by Terra & Ember


An upgrade from our 2020 Stay-Home Potters Kit which flew off our shelves last year. Our newly re-curated "The Mini Potters Kit" features a square-bodied mini pottery wheel with a bi-directional toggle, suitable for left handed folks. Along with the wheel, a set of pottery tools, porcelain white clay, 6 acrylic paints and 2 brushes will also be included in the kit. A new tool that we have added to the kit is a trimming tool which is an important tool you will need to create more intricate and delicate vessels through the process of dry-trimming. All mini pots made from this kit do not need to be fired as the acrylic paints provided will dry and harden your pots.

The Mini Potters Kit (Standard) Contents:

Battery operated mini wheel (bi-directional) X 1

USB charger for wheel X 1

1kg of porcelain white clay X 1

Acrylic paints X 6 tubs (colours will be given at random)

Set of mini pottery tools X 1

Silver trimming tool X 1

Paint brushes X 2

Simple tutorial handbook X 1

(Includes 1-year warranty for the mini wheel)

To take your creativity to the next level, we will also be offering the option for you to make mini marbled pots with this kit. Choose the "Marbled Kit" option at a top up of $30 to get 10 different coloured stains included into the standard kit. These coloured stains are to be added to the clay provided and wedged thoroughly to mix the colours into the clay, creating coloured clay. Throw these coloured clay with the white porcelain clay to get gorgeous mini marbled pots! Colour combinations and shades are limitless so get creative!

The Mini Potters Kit (Marbled) Contents:

*Same as the standard kit but with the addition of,

20g of Coloured Stains X 10 ($30)

Colours: Black, Grey, Dark Green, Light Green, Blue, Purple, Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow

In order to bring out the true color intensity of the coloured clay, we would recommend to fire the marbled mini pots in a kiln. You can request/rent a kiln from your nearest pottery studio for ease of convenience.