Terra & Ember was started by a husband and wife duo with a passion for pottery and all things ceramics.​ It began as a spontaneous sign up for a beginner pottery class that has evolved into a humble home-studio based in Singapore. Situated within a culturally rich environment along the bustling street of Geylang road, their ceramics are lovingly handmade that is inspired by the ecology around them.
About the logo

Terra refers to Earth, the source of our craft. Ember, the element of fire sits in wait to be reignited and also where our craft is tempered.

The meaning behind our logo is multilayered - At first glance, it refers to the initials of our brand, T and a letter E laid sideways.

Also, a potter's wheel when viewed from the side.

It is a logo inspired from both Chinese characters "山" and "工" from "工艺", which means mountain, where clay comes from and craft, which is the nature of pottery craft.


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