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Terra & Ember was started by a husband and wife duo with a passion for pottery and all things ceramics. They celebrate the hand of the maker through wheel-thrown pieces and specially designed in-house glazes for their wares. With a strong belief that pottery should not be cemented in traditional norms, they constantly find ways to innovate how the art can be practiced or appreciated.

About the logo

Terra refers to Earth, the primary material of pottery. Ember, the element of fire tempers and transforms the pottery to ceramics.

Much thoughts have been given to design philosophy of our logo. At first glance, it is a pottery wheel when viewed from the side, a letter T and E laid side ways to form the monogram. It is also a combination of two Chinese characters “山” (shan) and “工” (gong), the former refers the mountain where kaolin was first found and the latter refers to work needed to be put in to process the clay.

We offer various services such as wheel throwing, mini pottery and handbuilding experiences.

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Terra and Ember Pottery Studio

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