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10-Lesson Flexi Course (Wheel Throwing)

Are you seeking a pottery learning experience that aligns perfectly with your schedule and aspirations? Look no further – Our 10-lesson flexi course is designed with your flexibility and goals in mind.

From complete beginner to amateurs, our flexi course can be tailored for all skill levels with free rein given to you to choose the course days that work best for you. This flexibility allows you to balance your pottery journey with your daily commitments to ensure you get the most out of the course.

Though we have in place a structured curriculum for our learners, our studio highly encourages you to share with us your preferred pottery style or goals so we can adapt the curriculum to achieve your desired outcomes. This approach ensures you are not only mastering techniques but also forging a creative path that is aligned with your pottery vision.

Our studio is offering 2 unique modules which you can select from:

101: Recommended for both absolute beginners or novices. An introduction to the foundations of wheel pottery and focuses primarily on techniques for basic functional forms and decorative techniques such as sgraffito, inlay and chattering. You will be able to make wares such as mugs, cups, bowls, small vases.

102: Recommended for students who have a firm grasp on wheel throwing basics. Focuses primarily on decorative pieces such as closed forms and statement pieces, with more breathing room for shape exploration. You will be able to propose your own projects or follow our prescribed curriculum such as tall vases, broad bowls and teapots.

After completing this course, students from Module 101 can consider taking up another 10 lessons and proceed onto Module 102 while students from Module 102 can consider taking up our Co-Working Plans for flexible studio access to train independently. Both options will be offered a renewal discount.

*Minimum age to enroll is 12 years old.


Course Description

  • 10 lessons X 2.5 hours (The last lesson will be a fixed glazing class day usually held on the last Thursday of the month)
  • Own personal access code into studio
  • Own personal tool set, tool box, shelf and  1 packet of clay
  • Access to all available studio equipment, tools, unlimited glazes and underglazes.
  • Bisque and glaze firing for 5 pieces (each piece <400g and <14cm in height)
  • Flexible lesson days and timings which require booking
  • Valid for 12 weeks from payment date (no extensions allowed, students to keep track)

Flexi Course Days & Timeslots

Thursdays 7pm to 9.30pm (no class on the last Thursday of every month)

Fridays 7pm to 9.30pm

Saturdays 2.30pm to 5pm

Sundays 9.45am to 12.15pm

All students are to complete their glazing class within the subsequent 3 months after their last lesson. 
Failure to do so will mean a forfeit of the complimentary glaze firing.

Course Fee: $580

Click here for more info on our Studio Policies. By signing up for our course, you agree to uphold all policies.

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