The Mini Potters

by Terra & Ember


A Terra & Ember exclusive workshop, you will be taught how to wheel-throw miniature clay vessels and experiment with different forms on a tiny pottery wheel! These vessels can be used to hold small objects or mini plants for a decorative table-top set in your office or home! No prior pottery experience is required to participate in this workshop as our dedicated instructor will be there guiding you on your mini pottery journey every step of the way.

The first 10-15 minutes of the workshop will consist of a demonstration where our instructor will show the participants how to form a mini pot straight on the wheel using 3 basic steps. These 3 steps will be the foundation for the participants to make their own unique mini pots. Using a quick dry technique, our instructor will demonstrate how to decorate and colour the pots using underglazes. After which, the participants are free to begin their crafting until the end of session and produce a cohesive decorative set of mini pots!

Finished pots will only be ready for self-collection 4 weeks from date of workshop. Delivery/shipping of finished pots are NOT included in the workshop price.

Workshop Details:

Up to 3 complimentary glazed-fired mini pots.

Aprons will be provided to minimize clay splatters, however, do wear clothes that you are comfortable getting a bit dirty in.

Please ensure your nails are short as long nails may hinder your movements and cut into your clay pieces.

Workshop will be held in a comfortable, air-conditioned studio.

*Do take note that if you are more than 5 minutes late for the class, you will miss the demonstration provided by the instructor at the start. The demonstration will not be repeated again for late-comers.

Workshop Optional Add-Ons:

Additional pots are $4 per piece.

Application of clear gloss glaze are $3 per piece.

Decorative mini wood trays can be purchased at $9 per piece.

If unable to self-collect, we do provide mailing/delivery options at various costs. Please approach our studio staff for more details.

Workshop Cancellation Policies:

It is the studio's discretion to postpone or cancel workshops should unforeseen events or circumstances occur beyond their control. Workshops with only 1 pax booked will be cancelled and participant will be given the choice to select a new workshop date or get a full refund.

If cancellation requests received 2 weeks or more before your workshop, 100% of the total class fees will be refunded to you. If cancellation requests are received less than 2 weeks before the workshop, 50% of the total class fees will be refunded to you. If cancellation requests are received 6 days or less before the workshop, 100% of the total class fees will be forfeited.

Newly-implemented Health & Safety Measures:

Workshop size are capped at 6 pax per session.

All participants are required to complete Safe Entry check in upon arrival.

All participants are to have their temperature taken and hands sanitized.

All participants and studio staff are required to wear a mask at all times.

Participants are seated at least 1 M away from each other and are encouraged not to move around the studio unless absolutely necessary.

All studio towels and aprons are washed with anti-bacterial soap after every session.

All surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after every session.


Please head over to our FAQ Section for more details on studio policies.

Finished Pots

After commencement of workshop, it will take around 4 to 5 weeks for your pots to be successfully fired. You will be contacted for collection unless delivery option was chosen.