Terra & Ember Loft
Introductory Wheel Throwing Course
Mini Pottery Workshop
Wheel Throwing Experience
Ying Qi Airbnb

Alan is very friendly and patience in teaching and guiding me as it’s my first time doing it. It’s a fun experience and time seems to pass so fast! Really enjoyed it!

Jack Airbnb

A fun and unique experience in an amazing location. Alan was super attentive and made us feel comfortable even though we were complete beginners. The session felt very personalised and we were able to really make the most of Alan’s expertise. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for something a bit different!

Suelynn Airbnb

A very wholesome experience! I'm super bad at pottery but host Alan was very nice about it and encouraged everyone to just explore with their own crafts. This workshop is also conducted in a very nice space, with an interesting backstory to it. I'd definitely recommend this experience to my friends. Thank you so much for the experience!

Haeju Airbnb

It was so amazing experience! The host was so nice and very kind to us. He also offer some tour around the venue with some drinks. When I come back to Singapore, I would like to do it again :)

Noelle Airbnb

Excellent experience for anyone looking to kickstart your pottery journey! Alan was patient and really attentive to everyone's learning needs. For those who do not have the patience nor travel far for pottery, this is a great opportunity to gauge if it's something for you in the long term. The venue provides a unique touch to the experience. Kudos to Alan for his passion and carrying on his family's legacy.

Chloe Airbnb

Really lovely experience that left me wanting to learn more! having little experience before this, i was quite worried that i’d be at a disadvantage in the workshop but thanks to Alan’s patience and guidance, i did just fine and managed to create two cute little figures :~) the studio sits in a temple and we were given a really insightful tour after the workshop. there’s also a friendly dog that hangs around! would recommend this workshop to anyone who’s itching to have their creative juices put to use, or simply just want to learn something new. definitely will be looking out for more classes. thanks again, Alan!

Jillian Teo Google Reviews *****

The 7 of us had an amazing session learning pottery from Alan. The session was everything we wanted to celebrate my friend's Hen's night. Thank you for specially arranging for a session that has both wheel throwing and mini pottery for us! Alan was so kind, patient, and welcoming. Terra & Ember is the place to go for a relaxing and enriching pottery experience!

Catherine Chan Google Reviews *****

It was my first time trying out pottery and it was really fun. The instructors were always on-hand to help out whenever you needed assistance and they were definitely a big part of the awesome experience! Great 3-hour spent though I went alone. Managed to do 4 miniature pots, can't wait to receive them back after the final process is done. Strongly recommend for friends, couples, family to try out this pottery workshop. I don't mind doing it a second time!